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Winner of the Games Fleadh 2020's "Best Original Audio and Music" award, Displacement is a game made in 2 weeks by Iodine and MrSpeedy using Unity Engine.

You are a wizard/inventor, and in a medieval fantasy world, you've just invented the concept of portals. Fearing that this new innovation would disrupt the transport industry, you are imprisoned for daring to come up with such an idea.

During your prison sentence, an energy crystal powering the prison surges, killing everyone but you.

With a sharp mind and the magic you were imprisoned for inventing, can you find the 3 gems, open the main door and walk to freedom?

Made as part of a two-man team with the amazing MrSpeedy: https://itch.io/profile/mrspeedy

CONTROLS: WASD to move, Left Click to cast a portal, E key to interact.

Displacement v1.1 CHANGELOG:

- Overhauled portal mechanics. Transition between portals now smoother, portal gates rotate to face the player when cast, portals can be entered from either side.

- Overhauled interactables. Door levers now more reliable to select, pickupables now smoothly move back to center of display when pushed around by geometry when carried, pickupables can now be carried cleanly through portals without any need to drop, pickupables are selected by training crosshair over them rather than just proximity checking. Removed ability to throw objects, as it is no longer necessary.

- Added adaptive music. Music track now develops as the game progresses.

- Overhauled visuals. Game now has baked lighting, better post processing and fog effects.

- Performance gains. Performance much better than before. (avg. 200fps on 1050ti) (Portals no longer render geometry when not visible, tuned render distances, occlusion culling tweaks...)

- Improved ending. Game now has a playable ending and cutscene which takes place outside of the initial area.

- Music and Sound. New ending area has custom music and soundscapes.


Displacement_V1.1.1.zip 220 MB

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