A downloadable game for Windows

Every night, this tomato has the same nightmare; lost in a sea of cutlery and deadly kitchen utensils. But one night, something different occurs... and the opportunity must be taken!

Can you guide them to the light, and help them seize the day?

Music/Sound and main Programming by Iodine

Level design, Animation and misc. Programming MrSpeedy68

Art Direction, 2D/3D Art by Gordon Neill

OST Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-691000773/sets/tomatomare-ost

Move: WASD, Arrow Keys or Left Joystick
Jump: Spacebar, Left Mouse or Controller Button ("A" on Xbox)

In game, hold to charge before releasing for a higher jump.


Tomatomare_v1.0.zip 288 MB


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Hi! I'll be playing Tomatomare tomorrow on stream along with several others games from the jam at 3:30pm EST. I'll be talking about any interesting design decisions as I play, and suggesting improvements if any come to mind. Please feel free to join me live, it'll be extra fun to chat together about your game while playing it :)

Thank you so much for playing our game!! we will be sure to be there for the stream!!


Amazing wee game! Fun. Cute. Juicy. Well done to all involved!


Awesome looking game jam game, I'm impressed!


Good game... Add graphic settings and a way to turn off mouse accelaration


We had planned for both those things, but we ran out of time near the end! Thank you for the kind words.


Amazing experience working on this game last stretch was tough but we pulled it off !


Loved working on this lads well done!